‘This Is Me’ (Part 8).

16 11 2012

The Truth, publically announcing depression and thoughts of suicide…

Now that Ian has released his book, it’s almost like he’s been given therapy and managed to close a chapter of his past even though he still has his ups and downs. He began writing a book about his return to swimming but it became a more personal book of his life and about his struggle with depression, sexuality rumours and a confession and realisation that had been struggling from a young age and throughout his career. I believe this book has been the outlet Ian needed and he hopes to help others who suffer from depression, drink abuse and suicidal thoughts in his open approach which his book has already helped people. (See the tweets below).

Michael Jordan‏@mick_jordan_

@ianthorpe Just finished This Is Me.Grateful for your open telling of your story.Helped me make some sense of my problems with depression.

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Insite Psychology‏@InsitePsych@IanThorpeas a mental health professional, thank you for bringing depression into the open for elite athletes, you are an inspiration.

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The Rumours on Thorpe’s Sexuality (Part 4).

31 10 2012

To have always been questioned about his sexuality from a young age must have been affected Ian in some way. To have always been asked and rumours around his sexuality must have made him feel: upset, hurt angry or miss understood.
However Ian has been strong and has always stuck up for himself stating he is heterosexual and that it never bothered him.

Although there must have been times he would have felt that people don’t understand him or have a pre-conceived ideas of who is heterosexual and who is homosexual.

Rumours since the age of 16 until present at 29. Thorpe in the video above says it doesn’t bother him that much but to me that sounds like it does bother him a bit even though he denying the rumours and trying to move on with his life and focus on his swimming.

Swimming Legend The ‘Thorpedo’ Talks Depression & Troubles (Part 1).

13 10 2012

Ian Thorpe (The Thorpedo) Australians five-time Olympic champion has revealed thoughts of suicide and depression through his record breaking career.

Thorpe has only opened up to his family this year announcing that he had the disease from a young age and throughout his career as an elite swimming athlete. He has learnt to control the problem enough to speak publically and has an autobiography ‘This Is Me’.

12th October

So where did it go wrong…

11 World titles,

Five-time gold Olympic Champion,

A glittering career,

Australia’s greatest athlete and most recognised sports people.


Rumours about his sexuality,

Drinking to avoid demons,

Unsuccessful attempt to qualify for London 2012 after coming out of retirement in 2010.