Adidas & The Thorpedo

History of Adidas:

Ian Thorpe & Adidas

“In Sydney, adidas underlines its competence as an Olympic brand. adidas is

represented in 26 of 28 sports. More than 3,000 athletes wear adidas. adidas

develops revolutionary products based on the concept of “Energy Maintenance” for

six sports: swimming, track & field, cycling, fencing, weightlifting and wrestling. The

most lasting impression of all is left by the adidas EQUIPMENT Full Body Swimsuit,

in which Ian Thorpe, Australia’s 17-year-old national hero, wins three gold medals

and sets four world records, becoming the star of the Sydney Olympics”.

Adidas Jet Concept

In 1998, Adidas revolutionised the swimming world by being the
first company to introduce a full bodysuit for swimming. Ian Thorpe (world class
Australian swimmer) set numerous World Records and won Olympic and World
Champions titles. Thorpe joined the Adidas family in 1999  and became and
integral in the evolution of this new form of aquatic ‘technical

Ian Thorpe – The Thorpedo

Adidas JetConcept 1998 first body suit.

Seal Suit, Ian joins Adidas family in 1999

Seal Suit Commercial. (Adidas ft. Ian Thorpe)

JetConcept Suit

Commercial ft. Ian Thorpe created by Adidas his main sponsor before he retired.

Ian at Adidas hall of fame, 2012. Even though Ian didn’t make the London 2012 Olympics Adidas have continued to support Ian.

adidas – “the performance brand and multi-sport specialist   adidas’ mission is to be the leading sports brand in the world. One major lever to achieve this is the brand’s broad and unique product portfolio spanning from apparel and footwear for professional athletes to premium fashion. It allows adidas to address multiple consumer needs, exploit market opportunities from various angles as well as be less affected by one-dimensional market risks. adidas’ commitment to product innovation and its rich heritage differentiates the brand from competitors and provides a solid platform for future growth”.

Adidas Sport Performance – play to win

No other brand has a more distinguished history or stronger connection with sport than adidas.

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