So What Does The Future Hold for Ian Thorpe… (Part 9)

19 11 2012

Ambitions for Commonwealth titles in Glasgow in 2014 and Rio 2016.

19th November

At the age of 30 born in 1982, Thorpe will be 32 for the Commonwealth games in 2014 for Rio will be 34. Most swimmers have hit their peak by the age of 26. Swimming is a young person’s sport where athletes burn out and don’t usually see more than 3 Olympics. It’s only the exception swimmers like Michael Phelps who announced his retirement after London 2012 at age 27 the greatest athlete of all time. He attended 4 Olympics but his first Olympics Sydney in 2000 he was only 14 yet won nothing. The next 3 games held in 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing and London 2012 saw Phelps achieve a total of 22 medals. 18 gold, two silver and two bronze setting the record for the most medal wins of any Olympic athlete.

In comparison Thorpe’s first Olympics was also Sydney in 2000 at the age 17 and he only competed in one more Olympics; Athens 2004, retiring before Beijing. Realistically with Thorpe being past the normal peak age for swimmers I believe it to be hard to see any further success however he may be able to achieve something at Glasgow in 2014 but in realistic terms Rio in 2016 is out of the question, considering: he is past the normal competing age and peak, years out of swimming and lack of training and the developments in swimming alone and he didn’t qualify for London 2012. Although with the backing of his sponsors and determination Ian could make a respectable comeback… watch this space.

Now… Ian Thorpe

After spending much time in the UK during the Summer Olympics reporting for the BBC, interviews and book releases Ian thorpe returns to Australia 15th of November. leaving a current Tweet.

Ian Thorpe‏@IanThorpe

                    Thanks for all your comments guys, again, it’s sad to be leaving the UK but il be back again very soon. #secondhome

To conclude, Ian’s battle with depression could have been through the areas that have been explored: immense Pressure, Success, and Rumours on his sexuality from a young age or from being a young sports athlete who retired early. All this aside I believe that his personal autobiography ‘This Is Me’ has helped him with closure and a chapter of his life that he can put behind him and learn from. He is now wanting to help those who are feeling the same or that are struggling with themselves, drink/depression. His book has provided him with a healthy honest outlook on life. Ian has also now written an article on Phelps seen earlier and was able to commentate as part of the BBC’s team.

All the best with the training Ian, I doubt this will be the last we hear from The Thorpedo. Best of Luck.

‘The Thorpedo is Back’

To be Continued…




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