Fish Out of Water… (Part 7).

14 11 2012

Failure into London 2012

Ian Thorpe, Thorpedo retired in 2006 aged 24. He came out of retirement in a bid to make the London Olympics at 29, but failed to qualify at the Australian trials in March and was instead became a vital part of the BBC commentary team, for the Games.

Ian Writes an article on Micheal Phelps

After Piling on weight after a short bus successful swimming career, Thorpe relaxed but then in 2010 decided he missed swimming and began training again and lost loads of weight and caught the attention of the media. His sponsors further supported his decision Adidas.

It’s great that Ian Thorpe has decided to return to swimming however I think it’s a shame that he decided to retire in 2006 and he should have carried on to compete for 2008 Beijing Olympics and there would have been good sporting rivalry between Ian Thorpe’s and Michael Phelps and Ian would have stood more of a chance in qualifying for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Now his decision to return to the high demanding technical young person’s sport will prove difficult with world records being Brocken year on year and now body suits are banned. Ian Thorpe’s trade mark with adidas’s seal suit has to be changed according to the rules set by FINA.




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