The Rumours on Thorpe’s Sexuality (Part 4).

31 10 2012

To have always been questioned about his sexuality from a young age must have been affected Ian in some way. To have always been asked and rumours around his sexuality must have made him feel: upset, hurt angry or miss understood.
However Ian has been strong and has always stuck up for himself stating he is heterosexual and that it never bothered him.

Although there must have been times he would have felt that people don’t understand him or have a pre-conceived ideas of who is heterosexual and who is homosexual.

Rumours since the age of 16 until present at 29. Thorpe in the video above says it doesn’t bother him that much but to me that sounds like it does bother him a bit even though he denying the rumours and trying to move on with his life and focus on his swimming.




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